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What Is DomChanel?

We are a Graphic Design Company located in New Orleans, LA. We create custom flyers, business cards, logos, announcements, invitations, stationary, as well as social media promotion flyers.


The mission of DomChanel is to bring the customers ideas to reality.  DomChanel believes in the keeping designs fresh, cutting edge, and catching the attention of viewers.  We believe in putting our all into each project that passes through DomChanel.


DomChanel seeks to help every business’ message, presentable to the masses. We understand marketing is everything and we desire to help everyone present their brand via graphic design.

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About the Designer

Domonique Chanel Smith is a new up and coming graphic artist from New Orleans, LA. Working in the media ministry of her church, which is a ministry that is always in need of cutting edge flyer designs, she began looking at her assignment differently. With only the knowledge of powerpoint, she would often take powerpoint presentations to a new level, creating flyer designs in powerpoint. Finally getting fed up with the limitations of powerpoint, she decided to get photoshop and within 48 hours she created her first graphic design with her new software.

Domonique has always loved her middle name and is known to many as Dom, she decided to blend the two and DomChanel was created. Domonique’s goal for DomChanel is to help clients bring their vision to reality. Domonique desires for every business’ message to be presentable and also a reflection of the client and the product. Domonique’s ultimate goal is to make DomChanel a household name known around the world. Her passion behind graphic design is knowing how it feels to be at the mercy of designers. Her goal is to complete every project as if it’s her only client. She believes in bringing professionalism to every project, mixed with a touch of southern hospitality.

Domonique Chanel Smith is also an ordained Elder at Spirit & Truth in New Orleans, LA. She knows that it is because she has allowed herself to be a yielded vessel to Him that she has gained the level of knowledge she has thus far. She lives by, “Keeping God first, will take the limits off.”